Bring Human Connection to the Digital World

Virtual Social Box will Activate your Community, Increase Engagement, and Monetize Your Products and Services

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A physical touch in a digital world.

An ad is scrolled past in a second. It takes one click to delete an email. A social media post is easily forgotten. But a physical product lasts.

The single investment in Virtual Social Box means continual gains for your company as people hold on to their items for weeks, months, or even years to come.

Send a Virtual Social Box to...

  • Boost brand awareness & loyalty
  • Create a memorable customer experience they will talk about and share
  • Show your remote teams that you appreciate them
  • Thank your VIP clients
  • Bring a human touch to online events

Define lasting customer relationships.

This is how easy it is to get Virtual Social Box in the hands of your customers...
You Choose Your Box

Don’t worry, we handle all of the details. Simply choose a design you like, the goodies you want in it, and we will update it with your logo and brand colors.

We Assemble Your Box

Sourcing, handling, and putting it all in one box. We’ve got you covered so everything arrives beautifully assembled, ready to be enjoyed.

We Send Your Box

We can handle storing your boxes and shipping them as you need or can send them all to you. Your choice!

Your Box is a Hit!

From selfies and unboxing videos, to Facebook posts and warm thank-yous, you’ll build brand loyalty and awareness as the people who adore your box share their experience.


Eliminate the hassle.

Sending a physical touch can mean the difference between an ordinary brand encounter and an extraordinary one… but the ordering, handling, and shipping process can be a total nightmare.

We handle the logistical nightmare for you and make it simple.

No more…

  • Falling down rabbit holes searching for promotional products
  • Juggling inventory (yuck)
  • Assembling every last box by yourself
  • Finding a place to store everything (goodbye office space)
  • Orchestrating a shipping strategy
You can send quality boxes and elevate your customer experience with ease.
  • A box packed with high-quality goodies that connect people with your brand and messaging
  • A curated selection of items that your customers will actually keep
  • An exceptional unboxing experience because of thoughtful packaging
  • A whole-year experience due to QR code technology to unite the physical and virtual worlds

We embrace the power of what you can touch.

But it’s more than just stuffing swag into a box… it’s about being intentional with how the physical and digital come together.


Our services go


1-Year Access to Teleport QR,
Our QR Automation Technology

Each box gets coasters with a unique QR code. You control the code and can change the link so when someone scans it you can connect them with engaging content.

We Deal With Design

Simply choose your favorite design and we will update it with your brand colors and logo.

Digital Mock-Up of Your Unique Box

Fall in love with your box design (and show it off if you want!) before production begins.

Global Shipping

Virtual Social Box knows no bounds and can ship internationally.

Shipping Options

Have all boxes shipped to you or directly to your customers.

We Handle Inventory

Use our warehouse to safely store your boxes and deliver them directly to whoever you want, whenever you want.

No Assembly Required

We assemble the boxes for you so each and every one arrives beautifully packaged.

This is a complete game changer.

It allows you to create an experience beyond the initial unboxing moment, and allows you to keep your marketing relevant and agile for weeks and months to come.

Here’s how it works...

  • Each box comes with coasters that have a unique QR code, and you control the link that you want your customers to visit.
  • All they have to do is simply scan the code and bam! They are sent to something special…
  • This could be a 5-day event with a different link each day, a fun promotion, exclusive video training... whatever best fits your goals!
  • Every Virtual Social Box order includes a 1-year access to Teleport QR, so you can create a lasting experience for your customers
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